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STV 30132 - Section 01: U.S. Environmental History (CRN 30145)

Course Description:
This course is an introduction to the new field of environmental history. While many people think "The Environment" suddenly became important with the first "Earth Day" in 1970 (or a few years earlier), environmental issues have in fact long been of central importance. In recent decades historians have begun actively to explore the past sensibilities of various groups toward their surroundings and fellow creatures. They have also increasingly paid attention to the ways environmental factors have affected history. This course will range widely, from world history to the story of a single river, from arguments about climate change to the significance of pink flamingos, and will survey a number of types of history including cultural, demographic, religious, and animal.

Associated Term: Spring Semester 2016
Campus: Main
Credits: 3
Grade Mode: Standard Letter
Course may not be repeated

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Employee Non-Degree (EM) ,  St. Mary's College (SM) ,  Undergraduate Non-Degree (UD) ,  Undergraduate (UG)
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Main (M)

Course Attributes:
ENST - Energy Studies ,  HIST - old Core History ,  SUS2 - Impacts ,  ZCSC-Commnty Engagmnt Course ,  ZTST - Final exam

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HIST  30632 01, CRN 26789  (Primary) 17 14 3
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STV  30132 01, CRN 30145   3 2 1
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