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CHEM 10102 - Section 01: Chemistry,Environment & Energy (CRN 29233)
Long Title: Chemistry, Environment, and Energy

Course Description:
Chemistry of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere; agricultural chemistry and pesticides; food and drugs; hazardous and solid wastes; and recycling. Fossil fuels; nuclear, solar, geothermal, and other types of energy. This course is not open to students who have taken the equivalent of CHEM 10171 or 10181.

Associated Term: Spring Semester 2015
Campus: Main
Credits: 3
Grade Mode: Standard Letter
Course may not be repeated

Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels:
Employee Non-Degree (EM) ,  St. Mary's College (SM) ,  Undergraduate Non-Degree (UD) ,  Undergraduate (UG)
Must be enrolled in one of the following Campuses:
Main (M)
Must not be enrolled in one of the following Colleges:
College of Engineering (EG) ,  College of Science (SC)

Cannot Have Taken:
CHEM 10101 ,  CHEM 10113 ,  CHEM 10115 ,  CHEM 10117 ,  CHEM 10125 ,  CHEM 10171

Course Attributes:
ENTE - Enrgy Studies Technical ,  NASC - old Core Natur. Science ,  SUS2 - Impacts ,  ZFYS - FYS Bulletin (Admin) ,  ZTST - Final exam

Registration Availability (Overflow: Off )
  Maximum Actual Remaining
TOTAL 80 25 55