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PHYS 10222 - Section 01: Physics of Civilization (CRN 25896)
Long Title: Principles of Physics II: the Physics of Civilization

Course Description:
This non-calculus-based course is intended for students seeking an understanding of principles of physics beyond those discussed in a one-semester course. The course covers topics useful to but not limited to students in architecture and designed for students who plan to major in some area other than science or engineering. Among the topics discussed are phases of matter, thermodynamics, heat exchange, energy storage, vibrations and acoustics, and basic electricity and magnetism. The course will emphasize applications to practical problems and will explore challenges such as light pollution, earthquake-proofing, and energy conservation.

Associated Term: Spring Semester 2017
Campus: Main
Credits: 3
Grade Mode: Standard Letter
Course may not be repeated

PHYS 10111
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Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels:
Employee Non-Degree (EM) ,  St. Mary's College (SM) ,  Undergraduate Non-Degree (UD) ,  Undergraduate (UG)
Must be enrolled in one of the following Campuses:
Main (M)
Must not be enrolled in one of the following Colleges:
College of Engineering (EG) ,  College of Science (SC)

Course Attributes:
ENST - Energy Studies ,  NASC - old Core Natur. Science ,  ZTST - Final exam

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