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PHYS 50401 - Section 01: Physics of Cells (CRN 16816)

Course Description:
This course will focus on the internal workings of cells at the nanoscale. Models are developed for internal material transport, energy production, replication, chemical regulation, etc. of cells at the molecular level. This involves a wide range of mathematical and physical principles including statistics, thermodynamics, diffusion, electricity and magnetism, and packing theory (fractals). The course will introduce students to modern investigative tools such as atomic-force microscopy, laser-tweezers, nano-cantilevers, and other techniques as applied to biological physics.

Associated Term: Fall Semester 2018
Campus: Main
Credits: 3
Grade Mode: Standard Letter
Course may not be repeated

(PHYS 30461 and PHYS 30471) or PHYS 73000
* Indicates classes which can be taken concurrently

Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels:
Employee Non-Degree (EM) ,  Graduate Architecture (GA) ,  Graduate Non-Degree (GD) ,  Graduate (GR) ,  St. Mary's College (SM) ,  Undergraduate Non-Degree (UD) ,  Undergraduate (UG)
Must be enrolled in one of the following Campuses:
Main (M)

Course Attributes:
CHSE - CHEM Science Electives ,  ENST - Energy Studies ,  ZTST - Final exam

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Class Information Maximum Actual Remaining
PHYS  50401 01, CRN 16816  (Primary) 19 5 14
BPHY  50401 01, CRN 19525   10 2 8
Total 29 7 22